HACCP Service

Services Offered

Site Integration & SupervisionTM

  • Assistance in hazard identification and mitigation.
  • Monitoring systems such as inspections and swabs for various areas.
  • Overall Cost Effectiveness.
  • Review processes with continuing improvement.
  • Standardization of processes throughout the group.
  • Managed Supply of suitable products and services to be used in support of the management system.


Development of the HACCP Plan and Study

  • Critical Control Point Identification.
  • Establishing of corrective action procedures and risk mitigation measures.
  • Liaison with Health and Agricultural Authorities to avoid Closures and/or Business Interruptions.


Monitoring Systems

  • HACCP AuditorsTM offers a Swab Test Service in-house should urgent problem identification be deemed necessary.
  • HACCP Stock Monitoring Data Alerts through GPRS with approved and Audited service providers.
  • HACCP AuditorsTM regularly audits service providers insuring total quality control.


  Audited Service Providers Products & Equipment

  • Food Grade Chemicals used in a safe and HACCP controlled environment.
  • Appropriate Dosing and Diluting Systems ensuring Correct Dilutions for food safe applications and minimal wastage.
  • Correct equipment to ensure correct and efficient operations.
  • HACCP AuditorsTM proven Overall Cost Effective Solutions.


 Training & Staff Development

  • HACCP AuditorsTM offers up-to-date training programs in conjunction with leading Food Technologists and Micro-Biologists on Pre-Requisite Programs and HACCP systems.
  • HACCP AuditorsTM delivers On-Floor Training aligned with Formal “Classroom” Training assuring increased awareness and alignment with HACCP AuditorsTM Customers’ Objectives.


HACCP AuditorsTM Critical Technical Support

  • As a Supervisory body all facets of HACCP is covered.
  • Sites are inspected, graded and contingency plans are put in place to resolve problematic areas according to a timeous schedule.
  • Through the Integration of Service providers to the HACCP system, conformance can be achieved in the shortest possible time.


 Process Review & Continuing Improvement

  • Service Providers of Pest Control, Deep Cleaning and Consumables such as Chemical, Cleaning Equipment and other Necessities are vetted, supervised, managed and audited by HACCP AuditorsTM in order to maintain service excellence in the deliverance of HACCP.
  • HACCP AuditorsTM manages, inspects and audits the deliverance of service by all of its customers’ service providers insuring peace of mind.


Cost Savings Through…

  • HACCP AuditorsTM Awareness and Training Initiatives.
  • HACCP AuditorsTM Prevention of Costly Duplication of HACCP Services due to the use of un-supervised Service Providers.
  • HACCP AuditorsTM Regular Monitoring, prevents Costly Risks.
  • HACCP AuditorsTM Supervision in the Correct and Efficient use of Products and Services.


 Online Portal:

  • Food Outlets have access to a unique online portal with all documentation, customized checklists, policies and procedures, audit reports, monthly statements and business relevant paper trails.
  • HACCP Auditor Clients will be provided with a password to access our website and make use of above mentioned documentation.
  • The portal can also be used for securing any important paperwork.