HACCP Company Overview

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Food and Micro Technology

HACCP AuditorsTM provides Food Safety Consultancy and Accreditation.  Engaged nationally, various services are provided to the Food Manufacturing and Serving Industry.  HACCP AuditorsTM promotes ethos, dedication and ethical behaviour in the Food Industry.  HACCP AuditorsTM focuses on Quality Customer Care through dedication and a successful, satisfying outcome for its customers.


HACCP AuditorsTM enables their clients to:

  • Remain focused and improve their Core Businesses
  • Fulfil the requirements of audits and due diligences in the least possible time
  • Operate their facility within national and international frameworks and legislation
  • Implement and Maintain their HACCP System within budgetary constraints
  • Develop Quality and Food Safe Policies, Procedures and Checklists


HACCP AuditorsTM remains at the forefront of Food Safety Training, Systems Development and Food Process Implementation.

HACCP AuditorsTM remains a trusted and reliable source of information through its years of experience training, consulting and auditing diverse companies in the food Industry.

HACCP AuditorsTM provides a flexible, optimized service to improve operational efficiencies within their client base preventing new issues and potential problems from arising.

HACCP AuditorsTM forms a vital link in the Food Safety Chain by providing a cost effective, professional service to the food and food related industries such as:

  • Beverage Bottling Plants.
  • Central Production Kitchens.
  • Dairy Industry: Milking, Processing, Packing and Transporters.
  • Fish Industry: Wholesale & Retail, Processors and Transporters.
  • Fruit & Vegetable: Packing Sheds, Wholesale & Retail, Processors and Transporters.
  • Grains and Cereals-Millers and Processors.
  • Hospitality Industry: Hotels & Guest Houses, Restaurants, Fast Food Outlets, Event & Contract Caterers.
  • Meat Industry: Abattoirs, Processors, Wholesale & Retail and Transporters.
  • Sauce Manufacturers, Spices & Herb Blenders & Packers.